an international flavour


My name is Tanya and I am an Irish/Vietnamese artist

living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Travelling is my greatest passion.

I draw famous buildings and landmarks

from around the world in a quirky, unique and fun style. 

I enjoy injecting life,  character  and personality into my drawings through line, shape and colour.


I live an hour away from these world famous landmarks on the North Coast...

and five minutes from some....can you guess which ones they are?

some words of encouragement...

It was a real pleasure to meet the most famous artist in St. George's Market a few weeks ago. I have been following your incredible story for a couple of years now and it was dead on meeting you in person. My family and friends will be thrilled to have some of you quirky offerings for Christmas this year. Keep up the good work! Someday when you are a  world famous author and speaker and artist I will tell everyone that I have met you! Thank you for being a truly inspirational person. Your life story will help millions.

Sarah Gilchrist

bendy gifts

to make you laugh and smile

(not for boring people)

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