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Let me introduce you to ANNIE ;))  Annie, from day 1 has always been so friendly and helpful and A LOT OF FUN!! She is hilarious and I really appreciate people like her. She ain’t boring!


''Hi! This is Annie and I make unique jewelry and crafts using sea glass, beach pottery and shells foraged from the beautiful coastline of Northern Ireland.My shop name, Ainduna comes from the Irish Gaelic translation of County Down ; 'An Duin', where most of my Sea Glass is found. Each item I design and create is completely unique as I use the Sea Glass as found, and don't shape it in any way. The Hunt for these fabulous little gems is so exciting and I am delighted to give them a 2nd life...just for You... unique, hand-crafted with Love, snippets of Irish history to wear and treasure forever.😙
I hope you like my work.😊''


Web and social media links all below :)))))))

bendy gifts

to make you laugh and smile

(not for boring people)

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