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Over this year, Bendy wants to promote some genuinely friendly and  actually talented creatives she has met over the last 5 years on her Bizarre Bendy journey.  She shall be posting them across social media to her almost 2000 followers. She will also be plonking them here on her website too (8,000 + visitors have come by her site in 4 years).


‘’DON’T PROMOTE OTHERS ON YOUR WEBSITE BENDY! PEOPLE WILL START LOOKING AT THEIR STUFF AND NOT YOURS!!’’ someone said last year…not sure it’s their business or decision who I promote or help. This insecure  attitude I think is sad, selfish and totally unsupportive! :(((


So, why am I doing this? Because I have noticed that not enough creatives encourage and promote other creatives. I know why they don’t help others - (they’re worried that someone else will shine brighter than them and make more money than them). ESPECIALLY FEMALES I have met. So sad. And funny. 


So it is absolutely the right thing to help creatives I love and respect. Here’s to supporting females (and males) out there. I want NOTHING in return, I have been given so many opportunities and there’s  more in the pipeline…so I must help others too…


There are many of u who have possibly never heard of some of these genuinely beautiful people, so perhaps when the next wedding, birthday, congrats, graduation, anniversary etc…comes along, you’ll have  a wee look at individuals I personally think are actually talented and awesome.


These most excellent bodies work hard, play nice and I am so honoured and privileged to have crossed paths with them in this lifetime. I hope u get to meet them over the next year. They are GOLD DUST to me.


Not all of these people trade at le market, but they sell online and can be found in other markets, shops etc…

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