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Bendy believes in promoting other creatives male, female and other. Especially females. Females, let’s encourage each other and be happy for one another!! Bendy loves male creatives  too, so she will be promoting more of them soon!


Here’s the lovely Donna from Meltz Candles…. I met this talented, fine and experienced business  lady about 5 years ago at The Dock Market down at The Titanic Quarter. From the beginning ’til now, Donna has been a fab Bendy supporter and encourager. I love people like this! Her beautiful array and creative assortment of candles can be purchased all over Northern Ireland. But if you want to know where she is selling her incredible products, keep an eyeball or two on her Facebook and Insta pages:


Donna is a highly HIGHLY successful creative and some people might panic over me promoting her even more. 

But I don’t care. 

She’s awesome.

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