Bendy has drawn cities from all over the world and uses three main styles

bendy, quirky or straight

So far she has painted and drawn almost 150 unique designs 

Here are some of her designs and she shall be adding more.....

Many of Bendy's  originals have sold and hang all over planet Earth. She sells her originals HERE


The Grand Opera House, Belfast

The City Hall, Belfast

The Crown Bar, Belfast

Bendy Belfast 3

Queen's University, Belfast

The Duke of York, Belfast

Ramore Wine Bar, Portrush

Belfast Royal Academy

Bendy Belfast 1

Mount Stewart House

Bendy North Coast

Bendy Belfast 2

Bendy Game of Thrones

Bendy New York

Bendy London

12 Bendy Pubs of Belfast

The Brazen Head, Dublin

The Sunflower Pub, Belfast

The Dirty Onion, Belfast

Robinson's, Belfast

Fibber Magee Pub, Belfast

The Botanic Inn, Belfast

bendy gifts

to make you laugh and smile

(not for boring people)

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