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I introduce to you…my lovely, beautiful friend Harriett …I’ll let her speak now….


‘’I have been designing, making and selling knitwear for over 20 years now.  I use ethically sourced yarns and fibres.  I make roughly half my designs with Linen mix, Irish linen or Cotton. The other half I make using Merino Wool & Silk,  UK Alpaca, PossumDown and Cashmere.   Been interested in knitting since I was a small child, and turned my hobby into a business twenty years ago.  I’ve never looked back since!  I’m instantly recognisable by my amazing cerise hair!


Highlight of my designing and selling career is the day Her Majesty visited St Georges Market in Belfast and stopped by for a chat. 


You can find me in St Georges Market, Belfast every Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Phone me on 077 9184 4953

Email me on harriettmb@gmail.com

Twitter as Pink Unicorns

Facebook as Pink Unicorns [Hand Crafted by Harriett]

Instagram – Pink Unicorns

Or visit my lovely website  www.pinkunicorns.com  ‘’

bendy gifts

to make you laugh and smile

(not for boring people)

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