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Let me introduce you to James! James has been a good, loyal, trustworthy and completely humble creative. Bendy trusts him 100% and is someone who has a rare thing called ‘’Integrity’’. 

He is seriously off-the- wall talented in graphic design. He has produced 100’s of incredible depictions of Northern Irish scenes. Quite amazing TBH! His display too, in the market is also unique and stands out big time.


He is possibly actually definitely the most able graphic design artist who is currently alive and breathing.


I shall hand the microphone to him now…


‘’ Hi, My name is James, and I'm an artoholic. Art has always been involved in my work, from back in the olden days as a traditional signwriter (yes, with brush and paint), through a university pit-stop to get a degree in graphic design, to where I am now as a full time artist. The art that I do now is inspired by the olden days, days when graphic designers and artists were much the same and travel posters were much more than a photograph and a few lines of text. 

From my appreciation of the nostalgic old posters, a passion developed, but I found that these tended to be major railway destinations but catered nothing local to anywhere else. My mission is to change that with my series of what I call PosterArt depicting scenes of small villages and towns through to the traditional holiday destinations. I always have a handful of drawings in progress at any time and my collection currently stands at around 150. 

The majority of my pictures start life as simple pencil or pen sketches from which I plan my composition my moving things around and adding or removing features as necessary until I'm happy the layout will work. I do often work from photographs too, but I find these can provide too much information, usually leading to a 'stiff' drawing. When I'm happy with my composition, I redraw the scene on a computer.

Clean simple line are my objective, though while some pictures work well with fewer details, the nature of some subjects necessitates quite a lot of detail or the picture simply won't work. Some of these can take a couple of weeks solid work to complete, and even then they can be ditched because I'm such a fussy sod! 

My pictures are all printed by myself on the latest state-of-the-art (no pun intended) large format printers with a dozen different coloured inks that are rated fade-proof for around 100 years - if you notice your picture starting to fade in 100 years time, please return it to me and I'll replace it!

I love doing what I do. I love planning and drawing my pictures, and I love getting out around this beautiful country in search of great new subjects for my collection. 

You are welcome to view my collection online at www.jskelly.co.uk or call by my stall at St. George's Market in Belfast every Sunday. ‘’






Possibly the best artist website i have ever set eyes on. Just saying.


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