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Let me introduce you too my lovely, beautiful, gorgeous friend…Joanne….


I shall let her tell you her business story…


‘’ I'm Joanne Hanna, I was born and bred in Castlereagh, Belfast.

Life was simpler when I was a child, we had donkeys, goats and chickens running out the back.

As a child I watched my dad weld.

Shiny metal dripping on the ground, cooling into random shapes....

I was fascinated by these little pieces of art, and had quite a collection when my dad asked if I would like to try welding.

That was the start of my journey, and after completing silversmithing at college a lot of years later, Soulspirit Handcrafted Silver Jewellery was born, and I finally felt I've found my Mojo.

I like to work with Sterling silver, often combining gold, copper or brass.

I love the organic rustic look which makes my jewellery very unique, unlike anything on the high street.

Each piece is handcrafted individually, so no two pieces of jewellery will be the same.

I like to describe it as wearable art.

I take inspiration from the beautiful nature around me, the woods where I walk my dogs, trees, leaves, flowers, rivers, Sun moon, wildlife and beautiful surroundings of Northern Ireland.

I am lucky to share a stall at St George's market Belfast with two other silversmiths, Beadmag and Silver Alchemy, and together we have created Silver Trilogy stall, an eclectic mix of three local silversmiths work.

I would love it if you would like my:

-Facebook page Soulspirit Handcrafted Silver Jewellery, 


-Etsy shop www.etsy/shop/soulspirit  ‘’

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