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Bendy would like to introduce ye all to Karen Miller….

Karen is one of the most able, off-the-charts smartest and loveliest person in ze market. So professional and genuine she is. Here she is and she can be found in the middle of St. George’s along with Maggie and Joanne….


Hi, I'm Karen from the Silver Trilogy stall which I share with two other very talented and lovely silver smiths (Joanne and Maggie). My range is "Silver Alchemy" and I'm addicted to working and exploring the properties of silver. My themes are nature inspired, with trees, birds and dragonflies featuring to whimsical excess. I also love to combine silver with gemstones and labradorite with its ethereal flashes of green and blue are an especial favourite as I have a strong affinity to the sea being a Pisces.

Our stall is open every Saturday and a Sunday and we'd be thrilled to see you pop by!


Contact Karen:

miller.ke22@gmail.com, 07578230155

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