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Bendy wants to promote creatives who are talented, lovely, not annoying and greatly supportive of her life in the market. My earliest memories of Paula was have great wee chats whilst she was  queuing up as a casual trader for 2 years in #stgeorgesmarket 


From the beginning, Paula has been friendly and genuine and popped by Bendy’s stall to get to know her. Bendy loves friendly welcoming warm traders and Paula has it in aces and spades!

Paula was chosen to give THE QUEEN, the ACTUAL Queen a gift for wee George a few years ago. What an honour! It shows how awesome her work is and how recognisable it is too. She’s a whizz on the sewing machine and her work is truly beautiful. 


Here’s her story…


From a young age I was always interested in hand made things, from fashioning clothes for my dolls, to the obligatory needle craft girls did in primary school. I loved to knit and sew and emerged myself in all things craft from I was around 8 years old. 

My auntie was a trained dressmaker and taught me how to use a sewing machine. I few years later I could cut out a pattern and put it all together to replicate the latest fashion trends - I was hooked! When my parents realised that I was committed to my craft they bought me my very own machine. 40 years on and I’m still sewing to my heart’s content. 

My love of embroidery, the focus of my business, began almost 20 years ago. I started making costumes for my girls who were Irish festival dancers. It was so successful that before I knew it I was dressmaking and embroidering for 4 dancing schools! 

Throughout my sewing life, what I have enjoyed making most are gifts for other people to enjoy, so in 2010 I took a leap of faith and launched Sew Personal. I make personalised gifts; cushions, baby blankets, bunting, dream catchers and much more! I also custom make bespoke pieces to order, inspired by my lovely customers. I love layering different fabrics, colours and textures to create a unique effect, so I use an appliqué technique to create most of my products. 

You can find me at St George's Market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and online at 

To keep up with all my latest products follow me on social media: 



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handmade with love, 

Paula Gibson 

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