Is an attitude I frequently come across. Perhaps not in so many words but I do wonder why people or artists don’t support outer creatives who are fairly talented or EXTREMELY talented.


Bendy Greece 2017

When I first started out bending everything and everyone in sight, I was so happy that my friends and some family members supported me. Not necessarily by purchasing but spurring me on verbally and encouraging me in the highs and the lows.  I SOOOOO appreciated this and it honestly kept me going even when I wasn’t sure what the next step was. For example: Should I build a website? Or should I design a business card ? Should I get. A stall at the market? Etc…

I was happily plodding along when one day, I realised one of my friends who was an incredible creative herself had stopped wanting to meet up for coffee. I couldn’t understand why she started ignoring me at the time (NOW I DO!) and  at the time I was puzzled and wondered what I’d done. Because I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. I had just developed more and more as an artist. I’m sure you know the obvious reason! (She was jealous that my work was working and hers never took off)

So I decided 4 years ago (I began bending 5 years ago), that no matter what, if I failed or if I was remotely successful, I would be supportive  of others and those much more talented than me. I Never ever wanted to be like her or lower myself to that inane jealousy.

And let me tell you now. THERE ARE A TON of artistes and creatives out there who are far more able and talented than I am in so many fields. Whether it be painting, jewellery, web design, leather working, graphic design etc….  So, I decided to promote the friendly and genuine ones. The ones who I thought had real talent and real character. 

I will not ever promote or encourage  jealous, mean, racist, attention-seeking, stupid or slimy creatives. And there are quite a few at work. There are quite a few in Belfast. Actually, in Northern Ireland. But it’s OK I have the screenshots!


Anyway my point is, if you know creatives who are starting out and you really really genuinely believe that they are seriously talented. Just support them. You make the first move to help them. You go and get yourself some inner confidence to support, encourage and advise them on whatever they need.

A lot of people, who I think are selfish space cadets, just refuse to spend any time with others to help them.  They think that their time is so precious, that they cannot possibly give any time or resources for FREE to someone else. This is a sad sad attitude. If it’s all about money, that is a big fat SAD.  I don’t think you should be constantly thinking about how you can get something out of people or only do stuff for people just to get something in return. That’s desperately sad. And people can see through that.

Someone who is secure in themselves and loves to see others grow and reach their potential will have no fear using their skills to help others who may not have many IT, Social Media, etc…skills.

There are so many ways you can support creatives:

Buy from themVerbally encourage them TO THEIR FACETalk good stuff about them behind their backs to othersPromote them on social media by sharing some of their postsTell others about themHand out their business cardsPaste their site links on your social mediaIf a customer wants to know where to buy jewellery, tell them about your friendIf you know someone needs a website built, tell them about your friend and give them their business cardMeet up with new creatives and give them your advice and story of how you are where you are

I understand  that some people have to pay their bills etc… But nobody is that busy that they cannot help others. If you are too busy to help others, then you are too busy. Just saying.

Anyway I really really hope that this Christmas and the lead put to it and all the way through the year, you help other creatives who may not be as far as you in the game or as confident as you. 

There are many many things that I could not do as. Creative 5 years ago, but with help and my own brain, I did my website and I did exhibitions and sold to retialers. When I started in 2013 I had NOT A CLUE how to go about doing any of this. 

So if you are a creative, be nice and help out the people who just don’t know how to do stuff and are a bit clueless about Google Rankings and Analytics and trade lists and social media timings etc… 

Don’t keep all that knowledge and learning to yourself, because you may just choke on it someday! Which BTW would be Karma!

Go on, I dare you….Spread the love and spread your kind self!!


Tanya Mai Johnston

© 2018


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