SELLING AN ORIGINAL - how it feels for Bendy

Selling my bendy originals this week has felt strange indeed .... Almost bittersweet. :(  :) Most of them that I have sold have been in Bendy's life since The Beginning of Bendy Business! They have been with her at markets and fairs and all manner of places! 

Never thought I'd sell them.I thought I'd keep them for myself.

When I post them all tomorrow (first class signed for - of course!!!) I'll probably feel a bit sad because it'll be like losing a part of me. I guess some artists and creatives will understand this a bit. Maybe not.

Like, I know, that as I spent hours and days drawing and painting them I was thinking about so many things and processing my redundancy from QUB and coming to terms with saying goodbye to all those lovely students I had spent 5 years working with. 


A lot goes on in my head when I draw and create. Sometimes I work in complete golden silence, sometimes I have music on, sometimes I listen to a motivational and fascinating TED talk or docu. 

The eyes and ears and all the other senses are going at full kilter when I draw and create. I come alive!

I have spent hundreds of hours over 5 years in my wee cave creating I created pieces, I have felt happy, sad, angry, fantastic, depressed, excited, anxious.....all sorts of feelings.

And it's all been therapeutically good for me!! :))

So anyway, I just thought I'd share with you a little of what goes on beneath the surface and behind the scenes as Bendy creates something full of life.

Does all this happen to anyone else's! Or is it just me?



bendy gifts

to make you laugh and smile

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