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I have loved travelling around the globe over the last 46.3 years... :)

On my travels to over 40 countries, I have been truly inspired and energised by all the many stunning patterns and designs adorning  buildings, in shops, market places, hotels and restaurants characteristic of that particular nation and culture...

My designs are created using a wide variety of mediums.......pastel, pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic and just recently....I have  begun the journey  of Surface/Graphic Design using my humble MacBook Pro, Wacom Creative Pen Tablet and Affinity Designer Software and thoroughly enjoying the the process of designing, creating, uploading, printing and selling!

I am still only a beginner, but practice makes progress...and progress brings happiness and joy .....

I would love these zapped in to and on to; stationery products,  home interiors etc... I think some of these would look fab printed onto greetings cards, curtains, wrapping paper, cushions, tea towels and textiles..

I have sold the license to many of my Bendy images, so, If you want to buy the license for any of these images to print onto a product please contact me here! 

Have a look at some of my new designs....

(P.S. They are all copyrighted -wink wink!)

Dragon Doodle/ Ink on canvas

Colour Studies 1

Bright Stripes

Caffeine Fix


Red Cranes, Belfast

The Giant's Colourful Causeway

The Blue Green Sea

 Wonky Stripes

Avo great life

On fire

Turquoise Cranes, Belfast

The Christmas Causeway

Turquoise and yellow

bendy gifts

to make you laugh and smile

(not for boring people)

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